For tourists looking for a relaxation massage in Tsu City, Mie Pref

Hello! I’m Hayakawa, the owner therapist of “Joie de Vivre”.


Today, I’d like to introduce our salon to tourists visiting and foreigners living in Japan.


How is your life in Japan? Are you enjoying your trip here?


We would be happy to help you make your stay in Japan more comfortable. We’ll not only help you relax, but also deal with your physical problems, lingering fatigue, jet lag, and more.

About our massage salon in Tsu

Our salon opened in 2016 in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture.

Tsu City is a 45-minute drive from Ise Shrine, the origin of Japanese shrines, and is a place where people from all over the country pass through on their way to Ise Shrine.


The salon is located along the Ano River that flows into Ise Bay, in a room on the 8th floor overlooking the beautiful scenery of Ise Bay and the Suzuka Mountains.


We will provide you with a time of deep relaxation with a peaceful friendly hospitality that will make you feel like you’ve come home.


The products we use are fresh genuine lavender essential oil and natural herbal massage oil shipped directly from Provence in southeastern France. The power of natural plants is absorbed into the whole body, enhancing the body’s natural healing power.


We use only hands for treatment to feel the stiffness and tension in the client’s  body with our hands. By this, we relax the deep layers of the body according to each individual. Please enjoy our heartfelt, slow rhythm massage.


Provence Herbal Treatment

We combine all  our techniques, including French lymphatic drainage, Swedish massage, and shiatsu, to deeply relax the mind and body. For muscle release, relaxation, and jet lag relief.



90min…¥14,000 (our salon’s most popular course)

120min…¥18,000 (including herbal ball)

150min…¥22,000 (including herbal ball and face massage)

Head Treatment

This is an original head massage that is performed from the shoulders to the scalp to relieve brain fatigue. It relaxes the neck and shoulders, restores eye fatigue. Enjoy a deep relaxation time with the scent of real lavender.



First-time visitors…¥6,500

Dry Massage

A massage that does not use oil and can be received with clothes on. Deeply relaxes the muscles, focusing on the neck, shoulders, head and spine. The scent of true lavender enhances the effect of relaxing the mind and body.




Hot Stone Massage

Polished basalt stones are heated to 50 degrees and the heat is penetrated deep into the skin. Enjoy the warmth of the hot stones and the comfort of the massage for a deep relaxation.




Facial Care

All-hand skin care and massage using organic cosmetics from Provence, France. Ingredients that are closest to the skin will energize the skin and lead to fresh skin.



90min…¥12,000 (includes antioxidant mask, gel pack and massage on both arms)


Address: #814 Touse Nishiura Second MS Building,

259-1 Kitamarunouchi,

Tsu City, Mie Prefecture


◎From Nagoya to Tsu Station

Take the Kintetsu or JR line from Nagoya Station and get off at Tsu Station.

We recommend taking the Kintetsu Limited Express “Hinotori”, which takes 44 minutes from Nagoya to Tsu Station. It is a luxurious limited express train with a great ride.


◎3 minutes by bus from JR/Kintetsu Tsu Station towards Mie Kaikan, get off at “Yorozumachi”,and it’s a 3-minute walk to the salon.


◎If you let us know in advance, we will pick you up at the east exit of Tsu Station.